Week 1: What Have I Gotten Into?

Just before logging into the Master Key Experience webinar, and after reading the material for the first time, I broke down into tears…tears of fear, doubt, apprehension, and a myriad of other feelings, including relief, at the thought of writing my first blog without any experience.

Not knowing how complete strangers would respond had me terrified, but because blogging is a requirement to stay in the MMK course, I pushed past my fear & doubt and decided wherever the chips may fall, so be it. I’d only be giving up a stagnate life, based on the expectations of who others saw me as. It was at that moment, I decided I had nothing to loose.

As the week went on, there were assignments, such as giving up watching t.v., reading each night before retiring for the evening and sitting in silence afterwards, honoring my word – to myself…you know, the usual stuff, that requires action in order for me to stay qualified. Who knew these simple steps to help me find what my real purpose is would be difficult, yet liberating?

Yes, I made a promise to myself to honour my word. Something I have been working on for the longest time; and now, here was something that was shared with me after praying so long for a better life, one with purpose for myself, a life devoted to service, in any capacity, yet with direction.

Now, I am willing to be in discomfort, to do and complete each step of this Master Key Experience to become who I was birthed to be. As I do each exercise, I sense within my inner man that this is the “What”, the “Why”, that I’ve been looking for that will cause my life to be full, complete and filled with joy, peace and victory.

So, each week, I will chart what I am learning about myself and experiencing as I take on each exercise to fulfill the requirements of the course, but also in honour of who I am – fearfully and wonderfully  created!



Week #5: Enemies of the Soul

I’ve been reading The Greatest Salesman in the World, three times a day since starting MKE. During my sit afterwards, I see myself as the person and my life I was birthed to be and have. However, during my sleep in the wee hours, I had several nightmares, which rarely happens, that caused me to lay awake in tears for a short time with a heaviness, mixed with anger that I’ve never felt before.

Rarely do I remember dreams, and it has been a hope that going through the MKE again, I would develop the ability to, however with this latest incident, I’m at a loss for words, I  tell myself the dreams were a trick of the old blue print, trying to get me to cave in and withdraw from going after what belongs to me as my birth-right… I can’t give in and stay discouraged, hurt or angry, but I must dig my heels in deeper and force myself to take a stand that I deserve better, and the better is just behind the old blue print, I’ve abandoned.

Yes, I’m coming out strong on the other side. There’s more to life than struggle, fear, doubt, unbelief, anger, unworthiness or any of the other enemies of my soul have tried to force me into believing in years past. Like a snake that sheds its skin, I shed myself of believing the lies once told to me, by my former self, who calculated a move that not long ago, kept me in a headlock.

I rise now, filled with a righteous indignation and zeal to battle the old blue print that still lingers in sight, but decidedly, not carried within, look her straight in the eyes and say with all of the boldness I can, “NO MORE, you cannot defeat me”! Her hold, though painful, begins to loosen, as I make the decision to move through the painful memories anyway.

Looking at the fallen (fear, doubt, anger, unbelief, unworthiness….), I realize the act of moving through the pain only develop a stronger desire to success, as payment for her trouble. I am where I am suppose to be, and lay aside the rush to get through, as I know the lessons learned are well worth the battle scars of victory.

Week #4: This is INTENSE!

WOW…I am fillin’ a bit overwhelmed right now as I am reminded of EVERYTHING I’m suppose to be reading. This past weekend, I was reminded of the cards I should write out, the reading exercises, revise my DMP, additional exercises and a whole lotta other stuff, plus do my sit. As I was doing my sit, I actually fell asleep – I had not done that sense the start of the class.

I’m kinda disappointed in myself because the thought of leaving something so important out, may cause me to loose sight of the reason why I’m in the MKE. I’m want to walk into who I was birthed to be without causing my future self any more delay.  She so graciously beckons me not to delay, not to get distracted or disappointed, or angry, but instead, encourages me that the old blue print is trying to stop me, and began to speak words of encouragement to quicken my spirit once again, fighting off the voices that have held me in bondage for so long.

No matter, I am so grateful to be able to have mustered up the fortitude to write my blog…YAY!

No matter what, what do know is, this too shall pass – victory is mine!

Week #3,’18: Better Days are Ahead

I can tell I’ve grown a bit since the first go-round with the Master Key Experience. I find my thoughts drifting to what my blogs will be about during work hours. What’s even more incredible, is looking forward to quiet time…time alone with myself to relax, breathe, think and visualize.

Before the MKE, my quiet time was pretty reckless, in that, I didn’t have any structure, which resulted in me going to sleep out of shear boredom, disguised as sleepiness. I’ve since become more aware or conscious of time; looking at how precious it is, never to get it back or foolishly trying to make up for time lost, how senseless. What a knucklehead I was, trying to bargain for it, not understanding that it was due to mismanagement before this course, which has now become a lifestyle!

I just started a new job (eeekkk…bad word)! I get there’s a time for it, but I’m looking forward to the day, and more importantly, I can actually “see” myself leaving to finally work from home!

I know that as I develop discipline and confidence, which happens through keeping my word to myself and faith in God, my better self awaits me, excited and fully ready to embrace me! I am fortunate to have the encouragement from the many tribes within the Master Mind Experience.

When my mind drifts to things that try to discouragement me, I remind myself of my new family members in the Master Key Tribes that are a phone call, email, or face time away thru Marco Polo from me ready to screw my head on and get me back on track with words of encouragement and their own stories of hope – what a blessing!

I am reminded that all of these tribes are in my life to help me get to the destination I was birthed for…the best life that awaits me!

Week #2: Voice of the Old Blue Print

After this weeks’ webinar, I started right in with my exercises. The voice of my old blue print is so loud, I have to get up and walk it off in intervals. Who knew that voice in ones head, could be as loud as a siren in standing traffic?!

As I continue on, she quiets down, with a warning that she would be back. In defiance, I began to speak out loud, “Do it now!” twenty five times, with my eyes closed until I start laughing, at her! WOW…what an impact! I make a promise to put her under subjection as I continue to break loose from old habits.

This thing, the confidence the Master Key Experience offers, forces one to make difficult choices that bring the desires of the heart, and the pictures in ones head, into reality. The beginning, “boot camp” for a better term, is most challenging, but, with intention, followed by right actions, the results are magnificent! I see “her”, my future me, and what she has awaiting as I continue to look ahead, is most beautiful!

In the short distance, she encourages me to keep my focus steadfast and listen to the still small voice within, as it directs and leads me through the emotional turmoil I must overcome in order to live her life, my life of peace, liberty and service. Her voice, filled with words of wisdom and compassion, cause me to weep as I sense the strength of love that flows from her as the tie that binds us together.

What I have longed for all of my life, awaits me. It is fueled by my determination, belief and faith in myself to believe I am worthy to receive that which I was birthed for…a life of promise, built on principles that bring hope and a better way of living to the fullest, for anyone willing to lay down their old blue print.


Week 1, ’18

Taking the Master Key class again. This second go round gives me great hope. Davene and Mark’s heart for people…for me, even though we are miles apart, encourage and strengthen my resolve to do better until I see me in the short distance, embracing myself after crossing the finish line into a great life that brings joy, peace and financial freedom and liberty!

It’s on…!

Week 17#: Changing Season

The sun has started greeting me in the morning, after such a long, dark and brutally cold winter. What a joy to my spirit, mind and body. I wake up in the morning, and see rays   of sun, peeking out like a child on the look-out for Santa on a Christmas morning.

How grateful I am, to be able to sit in bed and watch the sunrise…as trees, bushes and flower stalks with bulging buds, wait to bloom in there season. Waking up in the mornings on weekends has me excitingly planning for my now do-able walks through the neighborhood to see the changes taking place with new developments, shops and cafe openings.

Now with the change of season, it’s time to clean house and what has accumulated throughout winter will have to be tossed or given away to others who have a need….

Week #16: The Best Me!

My future self sometimes appears to be much further away than I’d like for her to be. The wonderful thing about it, is that I can see her in the distance, waving me on, giving me hope!

There have been times I couldn’t imagine, let alone, see her in my mines’ eye, yet, I sense the strength & confidence quietly emanating from her, though distant, encouraging and guiding me, as I move through unknown terrain, familiar to her, in which she has fearlessly conquered, ready to embrace me the moment we meet.

Yes, I’ve got work to do, and the sacrifices are worth it, because my best friend, the best me, awaits!

Sometimes I skip towards her, in excitement then, when I’m not sure of myself, I get stuck in my tracks and that’s when I hear her say, “Victoria…it’s ok, just follow the trail I’ve left for you!” and I am suddenly quickened in every part of my being!

What a wonderful experience! Who knew opening myself up to myself, the best me, could be so exhilarating?! I am grateful to my master mind group and experience. If it wasn’t for the introduction, I may never have been able consider the best is yet to come…